Exploring the intersection of art, technology, and humanity.

We’re going to bring you enough joy to share with your whole family.

Believe it or not, generative art has been used around the early 60’s!

We understand artificial intelligence is still relatively new to billions of people. We’re here to help demystify it and share some of the amazing things happening within the intersection of art, technology, and humanity.

Inspired by the community.

We spent December of 2022 connecting with many of the humans in the generative art community. The truth is, we just scratched the surface. What we found was more than we ever could have imagined in the form of genuine human connection, brilliant creativity, and love. We also found a community of storytellers.

Storytelling at scale.

David Holz, the founder of Midjourney, said it best, and we paraphrased it because we don’t remember his exact quote—generative art tools are perfect for storytellers who are doing storytelling.

What we’ve discovered in the generative art community is funky, fresh, and exciting.

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  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week we’re delivering the stories about the humans behind the new wave of generative art. It’s all love, joy, and real people sharing a small slice of who they are.

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  • Community Hub: if you’re involved in the generative art community or interested, we’re aggregating the existing prompt lists and other useful information we can find. Let us know if you’re hosting something and send us the link and we’ll get it built into the Prompts page.

  • Community Spotlight Series: starting with a deep exploration of the Ngo AI mascot initiative, we’re going to investigate, research, and report on all the acts of light and love within the generative art community.

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We’re finding our way with the paid sub world - we’re thinking about just giving all the stuff away for free, while hoping people will see the value in it to subscribe. That’s kind of how we’ve operated in our time on Earth, throwing money at stuff that we find value in.

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  • Artificial Intelligence in the World

  • Monetization Ideas for Generative Artists

  • Guidance for Traditional Artists

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I'm a generative artist from Boston, Massachusetts. I worked in the higher education and non-profit sector for over 10 years before discovering my authentic self through the expressive power of generative art and its community.